Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cloth diapers and making brew

Well let me first say that our first incentive was to save some money. Hey isn't everyone these days?
But with the added bonus of things being healthier and being a little less dependent on the outside world (Walmart) was also an added decision maker.
Let's start off with me telling you about my new exciting find! Cloth diapers! Yes you heard me right. I only have one now in diapers and I considered it after talking to a close friend of mine about spending so much on milk and diapers. Well ok so it was my husband idea after I told him about our conversation. But anyway I did give it some serious thought. I couldn't stop thinking about my mom doing it for me and my sister. I have memories of her swishing a poopie diaper in the potty and then wringing it out while caring for a neighborhood baby. Wow. That's impressive. Talk about getting your hand dirty by babysitting! And baby sitting was cheap then too! Well I thought about the pros and cons of it. Pros - save money (did you know that on average one spends close to 2,000 in 2 1/2 years for disposable?) Cloth diapers go through several children before they are spent. , Healthier, they breathe and no more weird beaded gel stuff, Very comfortable. Cons - upfront cost can be pricey if buying the more fancy kind that are fitted and have snaps/Velcro. , requires some more time since you change them more frequently and no more just tossing them into the trash while your out and about, and some new learning skills if your using pins., and of course some more laundry (maybe one or two small loads (.25 - .50 per load) per week.
Well I decided to give it a go. After two days I love them! Surprised myself alot. I started with using the cheap system of prefolds, pins and those funky vinyl pants. Didn't want to invest alot into it yet. Well today I walked into the deeper end and got some cool fitted ones off of craig's list.
I'm still pinning and using some nicer fitted covers too. Clean up is not bad at all. If it's a poopie, I just plop it into the toilet and flush. Never have to touch it. I'm blessed with my son having nice bm's I guess. ") Pee pee's go right into the diaper pail. I'm pretty proud of my handy work with the prefolds and pins! See pics.
As for Daddy dude well he's doing his part as well. As most of you know he loves dark German beer. You know the expensive kind. I think that there is only two places in Dallas that carries his brand and of course they are across town. Poor mans been drinking Miller beer lately from Tom Thumb! Any way as a requested gift for Fathers Day, he is going to start brewing his own beer. He's got all the gear and all he needs is some time to sit down and get started. Again, price is SO much better and he can skip all those additives that help with shelf life and profit. I'll keep you posted.
One of the reasons that he was unable to brew this weekend was that we decided to open up our new camper and check it out. It was a bit of a bear getting it up in the hot Texas heat! We ended up sitting inside of it most of the day with the AC on. The boys even had dinner in it! It's a great pop up and I can't wait to take the family out in it. We took the time to clean it out and make sure everything is in working order. We are thinking about trading our 91 Ford Explorer for a larger SUV to get a better tow with it. Which in turn means more gas money. But hey we are saving a bundle on diapers and beer right? ")

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Stephanie said...

I love the camper. You are a brave one with the cloth diapers ;) You are so green - love it!