Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T-Bone's 3rd Birthday

Oops. I wanted so much to post this on T-Bone actual birthday(yesterday) but wasn't able this year. We had a great day today. Grandma paid us a visit and came bearing gifts. We then opened presents after Daddy came home and then out to eat at Napoli's for some pizza.
You got a new Flash and Fireman costume, a Leapfrog hand held for playing games and your favorite was a new PC computer just your size. Bubby, Daddy and I all have one but for you so you really love this one. You cry every time I put it up, holding really no interest in any of your other gifts. Bubby and I had to make you put on your Flash costume this morning to play Super Hero's! We measured and marked your height on the door frame as we do every birthday. You have grown for sure. I can tell since most of you clothes are now too small. All your shirts are too short and show your tummy now!
This is a big week for you since tomorrow we will be going to the State Fair! We are hoping that the rain will let up for our outing. It's been raining for ever and we are SO tired of it. Mud and mosquito's!
You have become sweet, hardheaded, pouty and funny all rolled up into one wonderful self. God made you special just the way you are!
Well Happy 3rd T-Bone! Hope you have a year blessed with growing, learning and health. We love you.

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