Monday, September 7, 2009

T-Bone says good bye to a friend

Bye Bye Paci. We will miss you. You comforted little baby boy for those naps and at night time for a while now. We found that using you saved a little boy from sucking his thumb. You served your purpose and now we say good bye.
T-Bone hasn't had his paci since Thursday night on the 3rd and to our surprise he didn't cry once for it. Oh we could tell his wanted it by the look in those big brown eyes looking up at us from his bed but he bit it and was a big boy about it all. I did the count down of days till he had to say bye to it and I suppose he was prepared for the moment it wouldn't be there any more. "(
I had tried to do some potty training with him but he's bucking up against the system in that dept for now. Again I was surprised by his reaction. Every night for MONTHS we have used the potty before bath time without a problem so I assumed it would just be an extension of that but he hated it when he would sit on the potty. We made a really big deal about it too. I told him about him getting a container full of "potty candy" for a treat for using the potty. We happily went to Walmart and bought a container and I colorfully put his name on it and filled it with Skittles. He was so excited about it all. But soon excitement turned into tears. What can I say but he's just not ready. I kept it all positive and even tried using training pants but he would just wet them and say nothing to me. So we will try again in a month or so. No biggie, it will happen. So with that said I decided to tackle another "growing up" step, giving up the paci. He started using it when he was a baby. He had one when we brought him home from Gladney. He sought comfort in it with his infant reflux and when it wasn't available he sought his thumb. I made the conscious decision to get him "hooked" on a paci in hopes of preventing him becoming a thumb sucker. You see, you can take away a paci but not a thumb. ") So as the years passed we got down to only using it for naps and nighttime. It really rarely left his crib. I took Bubby's away when he was 6 months old but he didn't have reflux either. I knew that he would do poorly at giving it up and so I chose a long three day weekend because I was prepared for some long nights. It never happened. He just talked abit more than usual and went to sleep. Good job T-Bone, we are very proud of you! Your on your way to being a big boy!

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