Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bubby's first day of 1st grade

Today is Bubby's first day of first grade! I can't believe I'm teaching a 1st grader today! Wow.
We are using a different curriculum this year instead of My Fathers World. We are using Christian Light Education. We will be learning: Learning to Read, Language and Social Studies. Also continuing with Math U See, using Alpha. I really struggled with finding him a good match with a science curriculum. Most seemed to be too easy or too advanced for him at his age. So I got nothing for science this year. Also I did get him a bible study with Christian Light but decided to pass after going over the material. I have a hard time finding a perfect match for him to learn about God without all the gore and violence of the stories. Some are about God's judgment and I'm not sure that he can understand why God destroyed all the people he made during the flood when God is suppose to be good (which He is) but some of this is just too big for him to really wrap his brain around right now. I'm not sure that teaching about God's perfect perfection and will are appropriate without the simple understanding of his grace and truth about salvation first. It troubles me that some Christians can understand that an adult that does not have a "personal" relationship with Jesus cannot understand biblical truths but assumes that a child does. Also I feel that "most" curriculum and churches teach children as if they already know Jesus without ever really getting them to a point of conviction. So just like with all other areas of schooling, I choose to teach my son's about Christ myself. I know with God guidance and sensitivity I can do it in his perfect timing.
Anyway, happy 1st grade Bubby! Have an awesome year of learning!!

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