Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you say "you want to go potty?"

Well over the course of the past few weeks I've been trying to slowing bring our T-Bone more into the "potty" mode. I suppose that after our cruise, it got me thinking about just how nice it would be to have no more diapers. I had to pack a good amount for the cruise not to mention some wipes too. Well T-Bone keeps me guessing in this dept. ") For quite some time he would sit on the potty and do pee pee before his bath. I think the reason for this is apparent. :)
But too my surprise he didn't take to the potty in the beginning. We got candy jars and decorated with names and filled them with candy. Ready for the whole potty training experience. Ready,Set and wait a minute. T-Bone loved the idea of getting some candy but the minute you would mention the potty he would just cry. Then he would sit on the potty and cry. It's a sad sight. Mommy and Bubby are spreading positive words his way only to fall on deaf ears. So he's not ready? Hum?
I'll try a different angle. Training pants, that should work right? He'll wet himself and hate it. Nope. Didn't bother him a bit. Bothered me, he leaked out! Ok I'll back off, he's just not ready yet. No biggie. I don't want to take any steps back in this dept. I'll keep patient and he'll come around.
No wait again. He's doing it really well. No crying now. And tonight he announced in bed that he needed to go potty. Whoooooo Hooooooo! Poo Poo he did! And we are not even using a reward system anymore. That's my boy, keep it up and you little booty will be covered with Batman under ware instead of those nasty paper/plastic diapers!
And on another note the both boys rode in the neighborhood today. Yes T-Bone on his trike, peddling away. We went all the way to the school and they took turns going downhill (alittle faster than I liked) in the parking lot. I was proud that T-Bone peddled all the way and back without one complaint even with a few hard falls. Your growing up little guy! Momma loves you.

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