Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kenny and Sabena's wedding

Daddy was asked to be a groomsmen for one of his oldest friends, Kenny. Daddy begun his day at 10 am and stayed loyal until way past when the cows came home (midnight). Bubby and T-Bone came with me to the evening wedding to meet up with Daddy. We danced, ate dinner had a few drinks and saw some old dear friends that we had not see in a long while.
The boys loved it but was very disappointed when the cake was not handed out ") Pretty sure they just simply forgot to hand out the plates after the official cutting. But for the boys, that was the whole reason for attending the event, well with dancing coming in for a close 2nd.
My men looked sharp last night, all in suits. And they all acted like complete gentlemen all night. My I have a great family!

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