Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daddy's new job

Well after much prayer, talk and time, Daddy Dude has found a new job. He will be a new designer for a company that makes Blackberry (Smart phones). This is an awesome opportunity for him. It was a difficult decision for him to leave his job. He has been there for over ten years now and they have become like part of our family.
God has opened a new door for him and we give him all the glory. He has ALWAYS been faithful to provide for us. With us being a one income family and having two little ones it's a big responsibility for Daddy to provide for us. With this new position, comes new changes and challenges for him. I personally hate change at first but in time it all becomes my normal and I bend to it. Daddy says that change doesn't seem to come as easy as it was when he was younger. ") I know that he will do great. Daddy LOVES a challenge and a opportunity to grow and learn. He's never had a problem with that whether it's his work or for him personally. He's got a knack at figuring stuff out. His gift is gathering information and putting it together. Something I'm not too good at doing. My goal seems to be just getting it done and figuring it out as we go!
Anyway this is great news for us and we are humbled to have this been given to us. He will start the 2nd week of December. Since they are a company from out of Canada, they will be flying him up there in a few weeks to meet some of the higher ups and do some training. Nope we're not moving up there. They have their US headquarters here in Texas, not that far from where we live so he doesn't have to pack long underwear or anything!
We spent the evening at one of Daddy's favorite German restaurants, Bavarian Grill. We celebrated the German way. Beer, sausage, wienersnitzle and some yodeling!

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Stephanie said...

Congrats that is wonderful news! I hope that your Thanksgiving is blessed and Happy belated Birthday to your hubs!