Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Today is Daddy's Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Daddy. Happy Birthday to you!
Bubby and I started his day with breakfast in bed. A linen napkin was used. Daddy always considers a real linen napkin to be a sign of something good. He has commented more than one occasion if we go out to eat about whether or not they offer cloth or paper napkins. ") I never gave it much though before he brought it up to me. My pet peeve is: Why do some take the time and trouble to wrap your utensils up only to leave the part that will be going into your mouth exposed? That's wrong.
Anyway, we sent him off to work with a full belly of a English muffin with egg, ham and cheese toasted of course. Orange juice, a V-8 and completed with a small chocolate kiss that Bubby added at the last minute. (Put a Ahhhhh, in here)
After coming home we headed off to Red Hot and Blue to snag some BBQ. Daddy's kind of fond of their sausage plate. I like anything with their sweet BBQ sauce on top of it and Bubby's big on the sign that has two pigs with sunglasses on playing the blues on guitar. T-Bone threw back some serious fries and a grill cheese. I can remember it was the first place we went out to eat at after we became parents. Kathy was our waitress then as she was tonight and even before we came with child! It's kind of homey to us.
After coming home we had cake and Daddy got his gift from us. It was a gift certificate at Fry's for some memory on his laptop. Bubby over heard him saying that he needed it and so that's what we got him. Maybe now he won't have to wait a half an hour to get on the internet!
Happy Birthday Daddy. We love you. You take good care of us and we appreciate your hard work and fun attitude when you come home from work each night (even when your tired). We hope you have an awesome year!


The Joys of having Boys said...

Happy Birthday!

4funboys said...

happy b-day to you! Great gift idea...