Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday Oct 8th 2008, T-Bone's B-Day party!

Ok Ok so I'm running alittle late with this. This week has been a blur to me.
I put Wednesday's date on the title because this was the day that we had T-Bone's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. So I'm playing like today is still Wednesday. You with me on this?
Well today we had another great Chuck E. Cheese birthday party! T-Bone's official Birthday is not till next week but we had it a few days early. We had most of our playgroup there: Aunt J and her three sons, J#1, J#2 and J#3. Uncle P with Bubby (another Bubby nickname), and Aunt S with Bean. Most of the time was spent with the kids spending their tokens playing games and riding some rides. Only bump in the road was a late entrance by the mouse himself wishing T-Bone personally a Happy Birthday! I feel for the one in that thick suit, barely able to see the little tots running circles around his legs and pulling at some extremity. Some happy to see him and others not. Probably all for min wage too. Thanks who ever was in that Chuck E Cheese suit. ")
We all had pizza and a Lighting McQueen cake to help celebrate the day. I didn't even realize that T-Bone had "blowing out the candle" skills yet! It surprise me when he quickly blew it out before we even started singing! I covered his mouth the 2nd time around and we weathered just fine.
As always I'm in awe that he will be two years old! It was just yesterday that we brought him home from the adoption agency. He's still a baby to me and I suppose will always be in one way or another. Happy Birthday T-Bone! Your living up to your uncle's name for sure. You have an incredible since of humor though your not too up to sharing that side of yourself with just anyone yet. At home your full of robust and usually wide open. You are the stunt man of the family for sure. I call you my webble wobble, because you fall and won't stay down! Your very physical and all boy, tough. I can see you playing football when you get older. You can be sneaky and trying when it comes to disciplining you. You don't fall into place too easy and can buck up against the system sometimes!. We love you and are glad that God brought you into our lives! Have an incredible year little boy.

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