Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eating those eggs!

I usually make a big breakfast for us on the weekends. Today I got to use our fresh eggs. So far we have gotten 5 of them. Both hens are laying now. So this morning we had biscuits, hash browns, sausage and eggs. One word about those eggs: Yum.
How did they really taste? Well clean is the only word that I can think of. Really clean, without any funky taste. Same thing with brewing your own beer Daddy says. Of course you really can't tell that most eggs have any funky taste unless you have something to compare it with. ") Also the white was very thick and the yellow was REALLY yellow or maybe orange would be a better color. All in all we were not disappointed. I properly thanked the girls for them.


The Joys of having Boys said...

Awesome!! They do look yummy.

Stephanie said...

glad ya'll liked them!