Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jumping for joy!!!!!

I thought this day would NEVER come. The boys and I sat down for lunch today when we started hearing some serious clucking out back. I went out to check on the girls and found my larger hen (Henrietta aka Icky) moving about on the nest in the coop. She was making all kinds of racket while getting off and on the nest. The other hen just looked concerned and confused about her being in the coop during the day. I just knew she was getting ready to lay. I've read that they act different before they lay and can cluck alot. I also noticed that she was a bit aggressive about her food this morning and she is the low one in pecking order. So I wondered.
Well after checking the nest a few times I went out back and she was back to her old self running around the backyard. I peeked around and looked inside the nest to discover the most beautiful egg I've ever seen! Yes I said beautiful. A large soft colored brown egg!
After months of feeding, watering, fly control and cleaning, we have produced fruit! Don't get me wrong they are the easiest critters to care for but you do have a goal in mind for having them.
It's awesome to feel somewhat self sufficient! ") The harvest is sweet. No more buying store bought for us.


The Joys of having Boys said...

Woo-hoo!! That is great!

4funboys said...

yeahhh ... I'll take a dozen too!

oh, wait-
that's not enough a breakfast around here... can I get 2?