Monday, October 13, 2008

T-Bone's 2!

The day started with getting him up and dressed. Then as he turned the corner walking into the den he discovered his presents on the floor. He was stuck for a moment trying to decide what he just had walked into. Soon the camera was on and he was opening one after another. I must say the boy had some great present opening skills this time around. I couldn't help but think ahead to Christmas and what it will be like. He got a box full of new hot wheels, a large monster truck named Gunslinger, a tool box and a hot wheels dare devil track. We got Bubby a Spider man motorcycle so didn't feel too left out. As you can tell T-Bone loves cars and trucks, don't all boys. It just amazes me that boys seem to migrate towards certain things as do girls.
Bubby being the first and not having a older brother to learn from did it without any suggestion. T-Bone like I said before is all boy!
As our family tradition we went out to eat. The birthday person gets to pick the place they want to go. Since T-Bone loves Tex Mex we decided to take him to El Fenix and get him a child size enchilada platter. I'm thinking that this might be a mistake but hey it is his birthday. I'll let you know how it all passes. He loved it. This guy likes his food spicy. Hot sauce is his choice while Bubby sits back and eats his chips with butter. The staff then came out with an awesome strawberry sopapilla and sang Happy Birthday to him. Later Grandma came by as always bearing gifts. The boys love her visits and enjoyed showing off for her while she is here. After some dinner we all had cup cakes and again sang Happy Birthday to him and had him blow out the number 2 candle. Ahhhhhh another year passed and now his is a two year old. I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that one. :)
Happy Birthday T-Bone.

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday T-Bone! That enchilada plate is huge! Looks like it has been a fun week of celebrating ;)