Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandma and gifts

The victim

The technique (note the fishing hat)


Hey these thingy's fit pretty good on my fingers!

Doorbell rings. Well it really doesn't "ring". It's one of those late fifties models and it screamed until we brought Bubby home and I fixed that wagon with some good ole duct tape! Now it's more like a sad dud noise but hey it gets the job done. ")
I was cleaning up after dinner and Bubby was yelling "Grandma, It's Grandma!". Poor T-Bone was unable to see because he was still strapped in his chair but he was just as excited. She brought them some fishing poles with fish (toy of course) and some cute little visor hats. The hat made T-Bone look like a pool hall hustler (sorry no picture). She always brings them something. They of course love it when she does. Nothing like a seeing their Grandma come by for a visit!


4funboys said...

wow... you got it right!!! Have the grandparents bringing the kid gifts on Grandparents day... instead of the other way around!

I think I like that idea= but my kids grandparents (especially my mother) would never go for that. She loves giving gifts... but she also loves to get them...

cute fishing pole.

Stephanie said...

That is exactly what makes a grandparent so uber cool!