Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fair Day!

Today was are annual State Fair family day. Daddy always takes off a day and we go during the week hoping to avoid crowds. Daddy and I have never missed a State Fair since we have been married (12 years) and never will if we have anything to say about it! Yes we will be the couple riding our scooters through the crowd with our sombrero hat's on. It's just a tradition for us to go and it holds some history with us as well. We went when we dated a very long time ago. I have this very special memory of us at the Fair. I'll share. We were walking out of a pavilion from seeing a horse show (my favorite, and sadly something they no longer do :( ) There was the song "Pretty women" playing in the air. When I turned to look at him he smiled and I could tell he was agreeing with the song while looking at me. It was a magical moment for me. He's always had the ability to make me feel so special. So with that said it's a very personal tradition for us to go. Now that we have a family it even makes it more special. I have many fond memories of my family and I going. When I'm there, I can see my mom carrying one of those big Toyota bags everywhere while I followed her around. Man I miss her and I would have LOVED to have taken her around that place with the boys! We played hard today! It was coupon day which meant that all rides where only 5 coupons each! Bubby likes just about it all and T-Bone is just as willing but unable because of the height requirements on some of the rides. Most of them will let the little ones ride if an adult rides with them. I can't describe the joy I have seeing my hunk of a man sitting side by side with our youngin on a huge green caterpillar ride! I just sit on the side line and laugh out loud as they pass! So this must be what they mean when they say "They'll keep you young"! We then went to the planetarium and then chowed on some corny dogs. The highlight was seeing the miniature trains go around Big Tex's boots. The boys could have watched them for hours! Bubby was concerned that Big Tex's jaw didn't work right when he talked. He said that his jaw should not go into his neck when he spoke and next time he wants to tell the "Fair people" to fix it and make it right. ") We of course hung out at the science museum and I even got some sand between my toes with the boys in the dino dig. Ahhhhh, that sand felt good on my tired dogs! Last but not least we stayed and watched the parade. It always make me kind of tear up when I see the boys light up at the magic of the lights and sounds of the parade. We ended the night with a few more last minute rides, one of which was the carousel. I felt proud and full having a boy on each side of me as I stood between them as they rode by the lights. It was a nice ending to a long day (about 10 hours long). I remember the first time we took Bubby out there he was just 3 months old and we stayed for 9 hours. Most of that time he slept quietly in the stroller while we did the Fair for the first time as "parents"! Maybe we can go back just one more time this year?


4funboys said...

10 hours???


Stephanie said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! Ya'll are fair warriors!