Monday, September 15, 2008

Get that boy some new shirts!

Well as some of you know the weather has become much sweeter these days in Texas! I LOVE it. I have my windows wide open with the breeze swinging in through the curtains as I write this! Did I say how much I love this already? ")
Well with the cooler weather comes out the warmer clothes. I kind of dread pulling out last year's batch in Bubby's drawers. He is SO tall and is not showing any signs of slowing down lately. We decided to take a stroll (T-Bone and I) while Bubby rode his bike around the neighborhood. It was a bit nippy and I thought a long sleeve shirt was in order. The poor guy sleeves were almost sitting on the inside of his elbows! It was sad. Of course he didn't care. He was thrilled to be out and about in his element. But as you know it really pulled on the mommy in me. So off we went after the ride/walk to get a new supply of shirts. T-Bone will always have a great set of clothes in good condition. Bubby had yet to wear the same clothes for longer than about 8 months. The opposite is true for Mr. T-Bone. He is almost 2 and can still wear some of his 6-9 month old stuff! I also have a huge box full of great shoes that look almost new. T-Bone is only on his 2nd pair! Funny how they are so different from each other. Oh well it's great that i don't have to get alot for T-Bone. He'll have the great hand me downs. ")
So Bubby is set up for the next ride around the block. He should be riding in style.

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Sadie said...

Hand-me-downs are great! My youngest is on a 4th go round on out clothes and they are still going strong!