Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bye Bye baby stuff

Grandma has graciously offered to sell some of our belongings in her garage sale this weekend. I jumped on the chance of course! We have been wanting to have a garage sale this fall but just haven't been able to pin a date down yet. We are done with extending our family and we no longer need the "baby" stuff that we have. It was great to have adopted two boys! As I stated in an older post Bubby grew so fast that most of the baby things we have were very gently used and was in good shape for T-Bone to use. I do have to admit to feeling the heart "twang" seeing this stuff leave our house. :( No more babies. But soon the feeling leaves and I'm convinced that we are fine at four! I love the fact that Daddy can look after one and me the other. Any more than that would go beyond our league. I freely admit that I am not "special" enough to go having more than two children. ") Actually some days I wonder if I am fit enough to have two! Anyhoo I hope to rid ourselves of some unneeded baby stuff this weekend.
Oh and on another note, we scored Bubby a great used school desk. It was just what I wanted for just 5 bucks and right down the road too! Yahoooo! It made me think about the day that we will get one for T-Bone too. Yikes, Home schooling two! That's a whole other thing to think about and for now I choose not too! :)

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4funboys said...

I hated to say bye to the baby stuff... it's still killing me.

homeschooling is awesome... my son LOVES it... and I do too! Never say never, I did... now I'm doing it for 1 of my boys and having to eat my words because it's the best choice I ever made for him.

Time flies... you'll be there before you know it.