Friday, November 13, 2009

Daddy's Birthday!

It was Daddy's Birthday today.
Too bad he had to work "(
He decided on Red,Hot and Blue for dinner. It was great and the boys where trilled to have a grilled cheese and munch on their special sauce with chips. Daddy dug in deep with his favorite sausage plate.
The boys wanted to get Daddy a Hulk mask and T-shirt which we did. Daddy is known as the Hulk around these parts and the little super heros daily have to try and tame him after he gets home from work.
Also we did order him a Hulk cake from Walmart. Here is a funny story about that. We went to pick up the cake this morning. Whew it was there. You never know with Walmart.
I looked at the cake and noticed the script on the cake was "Happy Birthday pick Tim". What? Pick Tim? What's that?
I then told the lady and she apologized and asked for a minute to do repairs. I was puzzled.
We got the cake back and was happy and went home.
After we got back I realized what had happened and laughed until I cried.
When placing the order, the lady informed me that the total script that I wanted (Happy Birthday Tim) would be too long for the 1/4 sheet cake with Hulk on it. So she suggested using a "Happy Birthday" pick instead of writing it and then write Tim under it. I agreed that would be fine. Do you see what happened here? The order started "Happy Birthday pick Tim" on it so that's what they wrote. Sad and funny. So they where able after all to fit all that script on the cake with an added word "pick" in the center. Walmart. Sheesh. Can't say I like that place much and really try not to go there but I'm thankful for a laugh they gave me today.
Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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wez Friend folk said...

Happy birthday old man! :-)