Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slumber Party!

Well last night I stayed the night in order to provide help and support ") for my friend Miss T and her daughter's 7 year old slumber birthday party! Now let me tell you that those little girls know how to party right!
I'm not used to of being around so much "girl" stuff with having two boys. They come with alot of accessories! I've never seen such a nice array of hair bows, ear rings and necklaces. Wow. I felt my head spinning with the colors of pink and purple.
T-Bone was the only boy allowed for the event. He was at first overwhelmed with the masses of young girls running circles around him and searched for a hide out away from the traffic. But he soon realized that they were kind of fun hanging around him and aided him with his playtime. Someone was always there to help him with finding the right toys to play with at the time. :)
We enjoyed pizza and snacks, I did what I could to keep with up the demand of ether grape soda, root beer and lemonade. I think root beer won hands down for the drink of choice by 7 year olds.
They watched movies, colored their craft pillow cases, played games and even did some karaoke.
They were a blast to watch and I admired their comfort level with sharing their vocal and dancing skills! My friend Miss T was nice enough to allow me and T-Bone to stay in her bedroom. So I got to bed early compared with the rest of the party. Most stayed up till about 3 in the morning! So imagine some naps happened today, I know they did over here! While this was taking place Bubby and Daddy had a slumber party of their own over here at our house. Since no boys were allowed to the party, birthday girl's daddy and brother came over here to hang with the boys.
They had their night out at a place called Amazing Jakes in Plano. They played games, rode rides and ate pizza. Daddy Dude was very excited to tell me about his Go kart ride. He said that he was in his element going around the track and "smoked" every one around him! Too bad that I missed that one. :(
The boys rode shot gun while the Daddys drove. They loved it as well!
So we all survived the night out with the kids and all had a blast. Only thing that went array was when the girls were having a "shaving cream fashion show". Miss T and I filled a large bin of shaving cream while the girls changed into their bathing suits. We all went outside and then they covered ( and I mean COVERED, to the point it was hard to tell who was who under that stuff) themselves with shaving cream and strut down the pretend catwalk. While Miss T was inside and I was with the camera getting some pictures, out of nowhere they were chasing me around the yard trying to cover me with the stuff! I was screaming like a little girl myself holding the camera in the air hoping to not get white and foamy. I kept the camera clean but not myself. I was coated. I'm still in shock just how quickly those cute little girls turned on me! Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it was all a set up. Hummmmmmmmmmmm?


Stephanie said...

Sounds like the exhausting kind of fun ;) But I sure bet it was a great time!

4funboys said...

we want to see the pix...

sounds like a good time-- if you're not the one to clean it all up