Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chicken coop project

Ok first I have to say that I feel really bad for bringing home hens on the hottest (yet) weekend of the summer! Poooooooooooor Daddy. He has been sweating and working his bootocks (a word made up by Bubby combining buttocks and booty) off! The project proved to be a hard one in this hot Texas sun. He's been in the shade for the most part so it's only been around 100 degrees. :)
In between screws, staples and the jig saw there are brakes that consists of hosing himself off with the garden hose. I peek out there from time to time to hand him something to eat/drink and maybe a pill or two to pop for the muscle pain. I'm wondering if maybe this is calls for a day at home tomorrow? You see Daddy dude is not one to cut corners. He believes if something is worth doing it's worth doing right. Sometimes I admire that quality. Sometimes it just frustrates me because I don't work like that. I can't with two little critters running around me. Most of the time I'm just happy to get anything completed. ") But in the long run I know he is right. If done right the first time then it saves you trouble down the road.
So it looks like it will be completed another day. :( That's ok the hens are holding up fine where they are at and can wait. They will be in the coop for a week or two before letting them stretch their legs in the yard anyway. It will help to get them to go into the coop during the night.
One good thing. It's made us take care of part of the yard we've been neglecting for awhile. Our poor next door neighbor asked if it would be ok to cut off a weed branch that is creeping over her fence the other night! It was a jungle, a bit scary too. I got my weed eater and my trusty Marty dog to watch over me as I went to work. We have alot of snakes, gecko's and lizards around here.
I don't mind them much as they help with bug control but I like to keep my distance and let them do their work in peace! I didn't see anything but for one little pesky yellow jacket buzzing around me. Wow the yard looks bigger with the weeds cut down! ")
I'll post pictures when Daddy gets the coop completed. So for now the story continues...................


Stephanie said...

Looks like Daddy Dude is Busy Dude right not ;)

The Joys of having Boys said...

Poor Daddy Dude!! It has been a real hot one here lately. I can't wait to see the coop finished.

4funboys said...

what a good guy!