Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boogered up hand

I've had this wrist thing for a few months. First really bad pain and then a weird looking bump. To have pain in my hand is not that big of a deal to me but has become a chronic condition that's been self induced. After having 11 years of repetitive motion by animal restraint as a vet tech as proved to be the culprit of my hand problems. I have struggled with a condition in both middle fingers called trigger finger for many years. It's a condition where the tendon that is suppose to slide in and out of band of tissue has become enlarged and locks into position. So my middle fingers, specially on my right hand is not able to be pulled all the way down towards my palm without becoming stuck. Yes it's a bit creepy and I have to use my other hand to pop it back out to release it. The bump on my hand is called a Volar wrist Ganglion. Fancy name for a cyst. I've been able to manage the discomfort by getting steroid injections into my tendons and trying really hard not to over do it for my trigger fingers but unfortunately the cyst will have to be surgically removed. So might as well fix them all while I'm there huh? So I am planning to get my right hand done in the near future. It's the one with the cyst and has the worst trigger problem. I'm not looking forward to being in a plastic cast for 10 days and recovery but it won't get any better or easier as I get older so........ I just hate surgeries and recovering from them. I don't like being down and not being able to do things myself! Ah pride, it's a booger when you need someone's help! ")

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4funboys said...

I hear ya!!! I have a cyst on my wrist and it's growing so fast that it's cutting off the blood flow. It's really painful, but I'm hoping to put off surgery a few more days so we can get past our first week of school.

good luck with all that... I know it's a bummer!