Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ok, I'm a loser

Well it's been a while. A good long while. It's face book's fault, honest. I've love to hate that thing. I've been motivated to get back on the blog and write. I really don't write it for me or for friends because most don't check on this thing anyway. Again because of face book. The real reason for me writing this is for my boys. I suppose it's some sort of open diary for them to read one day when they are grown. So what's happened since my last post? Uh alot. Lets see.....
We moved in August 2010 after we sold our home after being on the market for 2 months. I've been wanting to get out of there for a long time but hubby wasn't so sure. I could see the gang activity creeping up to our doorstep. Yep, Garland has had the goody chewed out of her. She is done and so was I. Grew up there since I was 4 and it's not even close to the cool little town it once was. Do I miss it? Nope, not at all. We moved to a really cool spot in Rowlett. A one acre lot. The lot is flat, completely square and has a nice 1800 sq ft home in the center. It's all fenced in with a chain link fence. I really like it. It's not fancy and big but it fits us great.
The only downside is the drive for daddy to work and back. Ouch. Los Colinas is a good drive for him.
Pet wise, we still have our Kuba cat though we are in the process of keeping him comfortable. He has lost a great deal of weight in a short time. We suspect Lymphoma but can't confirm it without a biopsy. Something he is in no shape to have. Treatment would be the same anyway. Steroids, Vitamin B injections and Sub Q fluids as needed. The sad truth is that I don't think he will be with us much longer. But as long as he is active and still comfortable I'll keep pushing. So far the treatment is keeping him at the same weight so we will continue. This is not easy for us to let go of him. Had him since he was born, 15 years ago. I mean the moment that he was born from a stray Calico cat that was left at the back door in a box at Lakewood Animal Clinic that I worked at. Fell in love the moment we met. He's excepted every critter and kid we brought into his life, never gave us any trouble at all. He's seen it all since Daddy and I have been together, outlasting all other critters we have had. On another hard note, we lost our pug Marty three weeks ago very suddenly. Broke my heart. We went through some behavioral issues for a while but moved past them and he was my shadow in the house. HGE (Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) of unknown reason is what we think happened. He got sick and within 12 hours he was gone. Boys seem to be doing ok with it. I asked Bubby since he never seems to ask about Marty since he died. He said that he didn't want to bring it up because it made me sad. Told him that it's ok to be sad, we should be now. I heart that boy.
After moving into the the new house, well really before we got here we got a German Shepherd puppy. Her name is Kako. The plan is for her to patrol the lot. She is a good dog but she is a puppy! Damage and destruction is common for the first three years. Hope we make it. lol She is now 11 months old. Really she is daddy's dog. They seem to have a special understanding with one another. Next is two King Charles puppies, now 13 weeks old. A female named Darla that is tri colored and a male Frampton that is Blenheim. Our plan is to breed them. I've always wanted one but they are a bit pricey. Daddy thought since we now have some property we could manage having them. They are sweet, very friendly. Sometimes too friendly to the point that they forget you and go right past you for someone or something else's affection. Kind of nerves me and makes me think that they are un loyal. I suppose it's some unturned repressed feelings of betrayl from times past :) Anyway they are lovely dogs, soft in nature and in heart. Then daddy brought home a six week old Pug puppy. He got him from the same breeder that we got Marty from. I was afraid that it might be early from us losing Marty but the pup has found a way in my heart. Yes, he's my favorite. Can't really pin a name of the guy yet. I don't want to rush and give him a good fitting name. For now I call him Butch or Duke, Dookie. Bronson might be it but I'm not sure. And I had two hens. I said that I had them. Decided to give them to the gardener that wanted them for the eggs. He also took the million dollar coop that Daddy worked so hard making. We traded him for his work skills.
Julian and T=Bone finished the school year! Bubby went through the year without a hitch. T-Bone had some "bumps" with letter blending and I thought we might have to wait another year but he came through and it now able to read three and four letter words! So T-Bone will be in 1st grade and Bubby will be in the 3rd next year. I'm feeling comfortable as a teacher now. As always glad to be able to home school them.
Bubby lost his first baby teeth in April. Lost both bottom ones at the same time!
I had a birthday in March, I'm now 47. 47? That's nuts.
I'm really planning on posting regular again if I can think of something I forgot I'll post it later. Oh and on another note I have a 2nd mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow morning. Seems that they saw some shadowing on my right breast that they want a better look at. Hoping God keeps me around for a while until I get the boys grown. Honest that is a very heart felt prayer that I have alot. Being 47 and having two boys ages 4 and 6 makes you think about stuff. This whole "mammogram" experience is one of the reasons for me returning back on here. Anyway hope and pray for a good report.

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