Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our pop up camper trip

Well we took the pop up and headed to Bob Sandlin Park with some our friends and their pop up. It was full of fishing, swimming,biking and moments of desperate need of heat relief. Yes it was hot. In the 100's, not uncommon for Texas weather in this time of year. But in spike of the heat we all had fun hanging under the canopy of the forest pines. I really love the forest, no doubt about that. This was my first time to this place. It was nice. We got two hook ups side by side with our friends and shared time with one another while our kiddo's played together. It was a nice trip. Highlights? Hummmmmm? Can you say bugs? I saw too many different species of new bugs to mention here. Big ones, little ones, some that looked like a cigar stub with wings. Why I was even so kind as to share my sleeping quarters with a couple of daddy longs legs and a what I would call a medium size beetle. I'm very uneasy with any kind of bug but for the lady bug. My great fear them occurred from the neighborhood boys when I was a young girl. They used to chase us girls around with them in their hands. I never really got the chance to get properly socialized to them and the fear set into my adulthood. Sad but true. I suppose with some work I could make a change but...............Yuck.
I did manage to catch a few little Channel catfish from the stocked pond that they had and my friend caught the "cutest" little perch on her huge hook. No pics of that "( Daddy also managed to get a small turtle to come to shore by coaxing him with some bait. The kids enjoyed that one.
T-Bone and I skipped the swimming and decided to stay in the AC and take a much needed nap while the others went for a dip in the lake. The kids played in the sand and rode their bikes back and forth between the campers.
I did spot a small copperhead when I stepped out of the camper this morning but he boogied fairly fast when we spotted each other thank goodness.
All in all it was a nice trip but the heat and lack of sleep made us welcome coming home to our controlled climate and own beds. ")

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