Friday, April 24, 2009

Yes you are seeing newborn kittens

As you can see my old vet tech skills are in motion again. I have been throwing around the idea of bringing in another kitty in the house to lighten the load of my poor 13 year old Kuba Cat. Kuba is VERY patient cat and lets the boys carry him around the house and cuddle him sometimes with a look that says "Could you help an old Buddy out over here please". I feel for him and thinks he deserves a nice quiet retired time on the huge cat condo that we brought him and placed in the corner without children clamoring to get to him and play "rescue" the cat from the tree fireman hero's. ")
He is the BEST cat ever. He was raised gentle and grew to a be a gentle cat. After working for a feline only practice for serveral years in Dallas I learned ALOT about cat physiology. I did not grow up with cats only dogs so I was pretty clueless about the whole thing. I learned a big lesson. Cats do not like to be rolled on their backs and rubbed into the carpet. The biting and scratching with thier hind legs is not a game it's a defense. I never let anyone handle my cat like that and never will. Treat them like you would like to be treated and you'll have a good companion pet.
I really feel I must tell the story about how I inquired this great cat.
While working at Lakewood Animal Clinic in Dallas someone left a cardboard box on our back porch. Inside was an adult calico cat. So we took her in and planned on spaying her and find her a good home. That WAS the plan but something change. Early one morning while I was getting ready to treat some animals I heard a faint cry from her cage. When I went to see I found three young kittens rolling around in cat litter. She had been pregnant and gave birth during the night in her litter box. She was not that big bellied so we had no idea that she was preggo's. Well one of those kittens was Kuba. He was a male orange tabby, my favorite. The kittens didn't have a good start and was not very healthy and I'm sad to say the others kittens had to be put down. But I could not give up on my Kuba. I did everything I could with his eye infections, upper resp infections and ringworm. My friend Dr Dixion, a temp vet that would relieve the doctors one day a week was my help. We would rip into the medical books to see what we could do for such a young kitty. She now works in her own practice in Highland Park and is the only Dr that Kuba sees. In time he came out of it all and he never forgot my care and returned it with years of gentle companionship. He is named after the country Cuba with is properly pronounced "Kuba". A sweet man that worked in the kennel name Felix was from Cuba and gave Kuba many "ringworm" bathes so the name just kind of stuck.
Also if your wondering just how Kuba will take to them he is very good with ANY other critter be it dog,cat, chicken or any old thing you happen to have. Again I think it comes from the humble and social beginnings he had.
So now we have two tiny kittens that are in a crate in the school room. They can not be in any contact with Kuba yet until they are tested for FIV and Felv. They were found abandoned in a house. They were born on Easter Sunday. I got them when they were 4 days old. They are not for the faint hearted to care for but it's so worth the investment when you come out with such socialized kittens towards humans! They are bottle fed every 2 to 3 hours. Yes that's around the clock. You also have to wipe their privates when a damp cloth every feeding time because that are unable to go potty without the assistance of mommy cat simulation of her cleaning them. And of course don't forget the heating pad on low. Seems like a lot but it will be over in a few weeks. I first had my eye on the orange tabby but it's seems that the white one is male and the tabby is female. I'm very partial to males in the cat department. Also I've grown very fond of him since he is so willing to let me clean, feed and hold him without a fuss. So we will be finding a home for the female, much to Bubby's argument and tears. They have just opened their eyes today. I have noticed that the white kitten is showing orange ears, maybe I have a flame point cat, like the marks of a Siamese. That would be cool. A few years back I bottle fed a Seal point Siamese kitten and it was cool to see her dark points come out as she aged. They are born white or cream and they points appear as they age. The cause is a mutation of an enzyme that is involved with melanin. The enzyme is heat sensitive and causes the colors to appear on the cooler parts of the body, the feet, tail, ears and mouth. Cool huh? Ok the science portion of this blog is over. ") I've alwasy loved medical stuff!
Anyway welcome my new critters to the house.
Oh I threw in the dry erase marker to see just how little they are. ")


Stephanie said...

Wow - You are so dedicated. So glad those kitties found you. I love orange cats too! Good luck on your new furr babies...perhaps Kuba needs two new friends?

neku316 said...

i love cats a lot LOL